Glas Associates is a family owned and operated business with strong roots in the Kalamazoo community. Our goal has always been to create homes that function for the way families want to live. We listen carefully to your desires and individualize the home or commercial building to fit your needs and desires, lifestyle and building site.

Glas Associates was founded in 1960 by Joe Glas. One of his sons, Charlie, is the current President of the company. We presently have 30 employees, including an architect, an engineer, and an interior designer on staff. However, to Glas Associates, it’s not about the number of employees.

“We are where we are today because of the people we have working with us. The way everyone works together makes us truly a team.” — Charlie Glas

Glas Associates offers you a complete, highly personalized service. Regardless of your price range, we will plan your home or commercial project for the best use of space and architectural detail. Glas Associates will help you coordinate the look you have in mind by assisting you with selections and by recommending materials best suited to your needs and budget.

We maintain the highest standards of quality throughout the construction of your home. Glas Associates is committed to making any changes necessary at each stage of the design and building process to ensure a quality product. We take pride in the loyalty, specialized skills and experience our employees, vendors, and subcontractors contribute to the value of the homes we create. Because we only build for a limited number of clients at a time, we can oversee each project personally and keep our customers informed on its progress.